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Immortals are eternal beings who have drunk from the Immortal Elixir and gained supernatural powers of eternal life, otherworldly beauty, psychic abilities, and superhuman strength. They must drink the Elixir daily, lest they die.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Elixir bestows immortality as well as a variety of unique qualities and abilities that set Immortals above humans an a variety of ways.

  • Immortality Their chief and defining characteristic is their immortality. Immortals do not physically age nor are they subject to the passing of time.
  • Superhuman Strength - Immortals possess immense strength.
  • Superhuman Speed - Immortals are lightning fast.
  • Telepathy - They can hear the thoughts of others.
  • Psychic Radar - They gain a psychic radar which allows driving to be effortless for them.
  • Summerland Access - Immortals also gain access to the mystical dimension Summerland.
  • Hypnotism - They are also endowed with a strong ability to hypnotize people.



Crystal Amulets that some Immortals use for protection.

  • Chakra Destruction - The only way an Immortal can die if their weakest Chakra is destroyed. Ever Bloom found this out when she killed Damen Auguste's Ex-wife Drina. She punched her right in her Heart Chakra (located in the chest) the Heart Chakra is the epitome of unconditional love, compassion and higher self, and Drina, after years of selfish and vindictive living had no love left. Immortals who know their weakest Chakra often protect them with a spell or powerful crystal amulets. Damen and Ever both wear crystal amulets to protect themselves and their chakras.
  • Elixir Deprivation - If an Immortal fails to drink the Immortal Elixir once a day, they will lose their immortality and die.

List of ImmortalsEdit



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