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Damen, the first ever immortal.

This is what you call a person when they drink the Immortal juice.


Immortals posess immense strength, speed, beauty and grace. Also they gain a psychic radar which allows driving to be effortless for them. Immortals also gain acess to the mystical dimension Summerland. They are also endowed with a strong ablility to hypnotize people.

How to kill an ImmortalEdit

The only way a Immortal can die if their weakest Charka is destroyed. Ever Bloom found this out when she killed Damen Auguste's Ex-wife Drina. She punched her right in her Heart Chakra (located in the chest) the Heart

Crystal Amulets that some Immortals use for protection

Chakra is the epitome of unconditional love, compassion and higher self, and Drina, after years of selfish and viniditive living had no love left.

Immortals who know their weakest Chakra often protect them with a spell or powerful crystal amulets. Damen and Ever both wear crystal amulets to protect themselves and their chakras.

Immortal Elixir UseEdit

Everlasting 6

The red Elixir that Immortals must drink in order to sustain their Immortality

Immortals must drink a red Elixir in order to sustain their Immortality.

List of ImmortlasEdit



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